Dear man,

I see you looking at me, when I walk, talk and even when I just stand still.
I see your eyes lurking from my legs to my chest.
I see you smirking and grinning towards me.
I see that you were the boy who tugged girls hair, kicked their feet and played with their feelings.

You changed the way I dress.
You made me feel uncomfortable in times I should not.
You made me cry about how I look.
You made me cry about what you did to me.
What you did when you hurt me and sexually harassed me.

You have destroyed my dignity
You have destroyed my worthy
You have destroyed my confidence
Thank you for all.


98% av alla våldtäkter är gjorda av män.
1/3 kvinnor har blivit sexuellt trakasserade någon gång i deras liv.

Detta måste sluta. Nu.